Web development based on experience not  words.

Being an employee and in addition having the chance to try freelancing gave me the best of both worlds. Among others, I learned self-discipline, how to organize my work, work in a team, and how to deliver quality products and easy to maintain code.

If you are looking for someone that is willing to prove with hard-work not just words that it’s worth every dollar you pay for the job, then let’s talk and see if I can be that someone.

  • 10+ Years of web development experience ( more .. )

    10+Years of web development experience:

    My web development journey started shortly after I finished the University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria ( Europe ). My first client needed a web site for his Hotel in a popular resort in Bulgaria and thank God I was the one that won his trust, I'm proud to say that even to this day this site is still working without much code updating, as a prove of well thought concept and coding.

    Sometimes it's best to jump right in and that's exactly what i did. I had to learn how to swim fast in the sea of code if I was going to make it, I started my small company and was growing slowly. I got more clients through referrals and people that liked my work and have heard about me Later during the years. While this was giving me plenty of experience and a way to learn and build skills and qualities like being extremely well organized, stay on the budged, deliver on time and many many more, I was missing the other side of the coin. Thus i decided to switch for a while to be an employee and get a taste of what is to work in a team and have to fallow someone else ideas and lead.

    For over 10 years now I have been developing web sites,building more on the skills I have, polishing my qualities and hoping the future will bring even more opportunities. I'm always open to discuss interesting ideas that involve developing interesting web sites and bring challenges.

  • UI/UX Production experience with developing user interface with accent on user experience for mobile and tablet ( more .. )


    This is one of the most interesting aspects of my work, being on both sides at the same time, behind the scene where all the coding happens and on the front side where people need to be able to get easy to any information on your web-site.

    I always place myself in the position of a "user without much experience" and although you can't teach the user how to use a browser you can ease his or her way to find most of the information on the site.

  • Years of browser compatibility experience IE 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10+, FF, Chrome, Safari, Opera ( more .. )

    Years of browser compatibility experience

    Going through years of web development put me head to head with generation of browsers each with it's own set of quirks and specifications, and of course most notably my most "favorite" Internet Explorer. BUT contrary to what most web developers will say about IE I believe IE does have some good sides, one of which gave me a better understanding of how to write my HTML/CSS in a way that makes all browsers consistent in the way they render the web site.

    I'm sure many many will not agree and as much as IE is far far from standard compliant browser ( at least up until recent ) at least in my experience IE did not ignore some of the obvious missuses of CSS or not closed HTML tags, while other browsers will just ignore your mistakes IE sometimes as much pain as it is in other cases will just refuse to work with invalid HTML or CSS thus, sometimes forcing me to take another look at my code and realize I could have done a better job or use different CSS that makes things work for all browsers.

    All this to say, what it comes to IE it's a game of love and hate, and at the end of the day if you know what you are doing, you will manage to make almost 90% of everything you have as features to work even on IE7 without the need of additional hacks or alternative stylesheets.

  • 26 Projects completed ( more .. )

    26 Projects completed

    Not much to say just thank God for all the opportunities I got to make all these web sites and to keep the people happy that put their trust in me and my skills.

  • Solid experience building Fluid and Responsive web sites ( more .. )

    Solid experience building Fluid and Responsive web sites

    Having to deal more and more with mobile and tablet compatible web sites taught me a lot about UI/UX and made me come up with my own solutions about presenting a lot of info on a small screen. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to go with it and the most important part of it is testing.

  • Full stack developer Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux ( more .. )

    Full stack developer

    Full stack developer capable of designing, coding, and deploying a web site of any size. You can see my web-design section or contact me and we can talk. I have the knowledge to build entire website with minimum resources and software keeping the cost low without compromising the quality of the final result.

    I do my everyday work with Photoshop, Illustrator, Aftereffects, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySql, Apache, Linux, Windows. I have also good understanding of version control like Git and SVN.


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